The Teachers

The dance teachers of the Loyola Dance Company are chosen by the Officers based on skill, commitment, and creativity. They are committed to choreographing and teaching dance groups of different levels and styles, depending on color of group and teacher, once a week for an end of the semester showcase.

The Fall 2019 Dance Company Teachers are:

Grey Groups
Lyrical - Anna
Tap - Emma
Jazz - Alyssa C.
Contemporary - Anna and Daphne
Modern - Ali
Ballet - Nicole
Hip Hop - Miranda, Brendan, Alyssa C
Musical Theater - Ali

Green Groups
Lyrical - Kayla and Julia
Jazz - Averi and Mia
Contemporary - Coral
Tap - Taylor
Modern - Alyssa P.
Hip Hop - Hannah and Grace
Musical Theater - Shannon and Carolyn

White Groups
Lyrical - Sarah
Jazz - Victoria
Contemporary- Rachel

Dance Crew - Miranda, Brendan, and Alyssa C.

Keep scrolling down to the bottom to see what our styles and levels of dance look like!